Putting on the full armor of God

  1. Take your position in the heavenlies.  I thank you that I am seated in heavenly places, that I have authority over the power of the enemy because Christ is in me.

  1. Put on the belt of truth. Lord, what is the truth regarding this addictive sin?  Help me to find your word, and remember that the consequences of my sin is unhappiness, pain, early death, and hurting your heart, my relationships with you and my family, even my business, it ROBS me.

  1. Put on the breastplate of righteousness.  Lord, I confess this sin as UNBELIEF, as LACK OF TRUST, as trying to satisfy my own needs and fulfilling the lust of my flesh.  It is IDOLATRY, Lord, and I agree with you completely that it is SIN.  I don’t want to have a part of this sin any more.  I want nothing to do with it at all, I do not want to participate in it.  I am sorry Lord that I have ever participated in it, I am sorry for my unbelief, my lack of trust, my lustfulness, and my idolatry.  I am sorry that I have been involved in hurting the heart of my Lord, and for my part in nailing His hands to the cross.  I’m sorry that I’ve been involved in it, because it is against YOUR righteousness.  You are righteous and just for declaring and judging this as sin.  Thank you for judging this at Calvary, and for breaking it’s power at the cross.  I choose right now, this minute at 1:00 on Monday August 22, 2011 – to have no more to due with this sin, and to turn away from it.  I RENOUNCE this sin that has taken me captive, I give it up entirely, I cast it away from me, and I want no part of it in my life.  Thank you God for the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses me from all of this sin.  And thank you Lord God for clothing me in YOUR righteousness.

  1. Put on the Shoes of peace.  Lord please show me if there is anyone that I have not forgiven with all my heart.  Lord, out of obedience to you, I forgive this person.  Thank you that you forgive me as I have forgiven them.  Thank God that I now stand at peace with YOU, and now with this person that you have helped me to forgive.

  1. Take up the shield of faith in what I have just done. Praise the Lord that your word is truth, and that you sanctify me through it (John 17).  Thank you Lord for the promises of 1 John 1:19.  Thank you Lord for Matthew 6:14, for if I forgive, then you forgive ME.

  1. Take the Helmet of salvation. Thank you heavenly father for sending your son to die for me.  Thank you Jesus for shedding your blood to deliver me from the domain of darkness , and bringing me into your kingdom of light.  Thank you Holy Spirit, for indwelling me and please fill every nook and cranny of my being, so that no place is left empty.

  1. Now take the sword of the spirit.  I bind the enemy and every evil spirit that is connected with this sin, just as they are bound in heaven.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind this spirit of doubt, this spirit of unbelief, this spirit of unfaithfulness, this spirit of lustfulness, this spirit of idolatry, and all other spirits associated with this sin just as they are bound in heaven.  I command them all to be GONE in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Draw near to God in praise and thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for your freedom, for your truth has set me free.  Thank you Lord for your mercy! In Jesus Name, Amen.

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