It's all about Grace

"It is of no value to God to give Him your life for death. He wants you to be a living sacrifice-" Oswald Chambers

Grace, it's all about Grace!

God's grace is not just available for us so that we might have enternal life and live with Him in heaven. He expects us to live in His grace now, not later. We should trust God not only to the point of death - but in enduring the hardships of life, remembering His promises, trusting His word that He knows our every circumstance and is developing us to maturity.

Isn't it hard to trust? Like David, we might feel that God has forgotten us, or hidden His face from us. But I read today something so great!

Psalm 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. Selah

He DAILY bears our BURDENS. Every day! He knows what I am going through. And though it may seem so trivial what I have endured today when I look at what others are going through, sometimes it seems I'd rather die than do this yet another day.

But If HE daily bears my burden - then why can't I daily bear it with Him? Why can't I persevere to live this life I am called to, and overcome, by the Grace of God?

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