The Valley

The Valley

Walking through a valley, shadows on both sides
Surrounded by so many lost, confused, fear-filled lives 

Faces downcast, forward moving as cattle, no one behind with a prod 
Why do we continue forward without purpose, doesn't anyone find it odd? 

Then I looked up and saw ahead a man determined to go the other way 
He smiled and tried to convince others to listen to what he had to say. 

No one seemed to listen or care. "Everyone else continues on this path, 
Why should I change? Why ruffle feathers? It works for all the rest!" They ask. 

As I near him I see he is dealing with pushes, grunts and bumps from the crowd 
They curse him, step on his toes, but he continues against them, never crying aloud. 

He still tells them all: "You’re going the wrong way, LOOK!" pointing to behind 
but no one looks the way he’s pointing, ignoring, saying he’s out of his mind. 

Curious to know what’s going on, I look ahead to see the familiar dark 
But isn’t this the way life is supposed to be, don’t we always have to work hard? 

How hard are we really even working, going with the crowd, carrying our load 
I looked at those other men empty handed, only fighting against the flow. 

I looked around and saw a few others who were also doing the same 
fighting the flow, no burden, against the crowd with a common aim. 

It did seem more difficult to fight against the crowd, angering others, and yet 
they were smiling, happy, carefree, fighting for something they had to get. 

So I, curiosity peaked, decided to stop and turn to look in the other direction 
but shoves, curses, hatred, and glares from the crowd met my hesitation. 

I went forward again, a few more steps, deciding my next move, 
Should I try again or just forget it, and stay in this same groove. 

I looked again at those fighting and saw them struggling, getting knocked down, 
but getting up again, staying the course, committed to never turning around. 

I stopped again, and was met with the same shoves and curses, but I turned anyway 
And looked. A light shined so bright compared to the dark that was the other way. 

I sheilded my eyes and blinked, squinting to see a man who simply said "Come!" 
"Let go of your burden, this is the right way, do not choose the other one." 

Pushed and shoved, sworn at, "Turn around!" somone yelled, "Keep Going!" 
Suddenly my burden felt heavier, and I needed to catch myself from falling. 

Decisions to make, I must make a choice. What if I turn back? 
Will I ever find the strength to turn again this direction with power that I lack? 

I see again the faces of those heading for the light, Joy and Happiness even though 
they struggle, for they didn’t seem to mind fighting against this status quo; 

Then the anger, the despair of the ones who continued to carry their load. 
Even though there were two kinds of people, two directions, there was just one road. 

Then I met one of the light finders on the path who spoke to me as I listened 
There was so much joy as he walked with me backward and explained 

a story of love so incredible, unbelievable, it was just so much to take in 
There was a God in heaven, it’s true, who made a way to reconcile my sin. 

God who is perfect and cannot stand our wrong way sent Jesus his son to earth, 
To be born in a small town, lowly and in a manger, the miracle of a virgin birth. 

Healer of the sick, casting out demons, teaching the way, the truth, the abundant life 
After a three year ministry, gave his servant life as God’s only acceptable sacrifice. 

But he didn’t stay in the grave, to the dismay of the enemy, his story did not end. 
After 3 days he returned to his people, proving life everlasting to all who are his friend. 

What an amazing story, IF it were true, what action should be taken, should be done? 
To accept relief from the burden, accept the gift everlasting from God, the only one. 

I felt the urgency and had to turn, let go of my life and follow the direction of the voice 
knowing it was true, all of these things, believing there was no other choice. 

I would make my decision without looking back, no regrets, I was ready to fight 
the opposition, knowing it would be worth it, deciding what I’m doing is right. 

So I stopped again and dropped my burden, again met with taunts and shouts. 
I ran against them hearing his voice, knowing this was the right and only way out. 

I called to the others, shouting what I’d heard the other men say: 
"Your heading the wrong direction, just trust me and look, this is the right way!"

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