Today's the Book Launch of Terreldor - #amreading

Join Mark and his brother as they find themselves in a strange world filled with impossibility and adventure. Faced with tragedy and trial, Mark is forced to draw upon strengths and develop skills he never expected himself capable of. The brothers are taken in by mentors who claim to hold the secrets of true wisdom and maturity. In their endeavors, they learn the most difficult lessons in life are often found on the path home. 

Begin the adventure in Journey to Terreldor, then follow these brothers as they are cast into peril in Terreldor at War. Discover the culmination of their odyssey in The Long Path Home.

What Reviewers are saying:
The author is writing in a style of a fantasy and supernatural weaving tales, fables and prophesy together to entertain the reader with the possibilities of what if. 
S. Mahoney (Amazon Reviewer)

This is a great book for all ages and especially young teens and young adults. 
L. Gray (Amazon Reviewer)

Today's Launch only - the price has been reduced to 99c!
Buy for $0.99 today, December19th and win big! Share or Comment-&-Like to enter drawing for free! New Amazon Kindle, $25 Starbucks giftcard, bags, books and more!
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