Sunday Devotional: Victory Cannot Depend on our Circumstances

When the road is smooth and dry, it's easy to go along in any vehicle. But if it's a dirt road, and the rain has been coming down, it will soon be mud, and not any vehicle will do. If the way is uphill, a car with a bad engine will struggle, while it's just fine on the downhill slopes.

When life throws us a curve ball, do we continue to walk in victory, or do we hang our heads in defeat? 

When we struggle with addiction, it's when we hit these lows in life that it becomes hard to coast along. The only way we can continue to live in victory over our struggle is to rely upon God. He is the miracle worker. He thrives in doing more than we can do, and loves His children enough to want to help us overcome in times of need. Instead of sinking into the pit, we can be delivered to a firm place to stand.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,

    out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock
    and gave me a firm place to stand. (Psalm 40:2)

Only be preparing ourselves for times of trouble by leaning on God in all circumstances can we learn to have victory no matter what our life throws at us. It starts with a simple choice. First, we have to rely upon the truth, and point out the lies. Satan loves to convince us that our circumstances dictate who we are and how we behave. But God wants us to know that peace is possible even in the storm. 

Next run to the Lord in prayer. Tell Him your problems and lay them at His feet. Leave those worries and problems there, and don't pick them back up once you get up off your knees again. 

Then lean upon God and determine not to allow the problems of this moment steal your peace or joy. By relying on the strength of God, we will be fine on the uphill slopes, and the mud will not keep us from moving forward. He is able to deliver us and give us peace in any situation. My prayer for you today is that you put these three simple steps into practice no matter what circumstance you're going through today.

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