Weigh in Wednesday - Week 1 with #FitBit

~It has officially been one week since I got a new Fitbit ~

So what's happened?

#1 - I'm more of an overachiever than I thought I was. If my Fitbit sets goals that are too easily reached for me, I raise them higher - and then I proceed to work harder to crush my new goals. 10,000 steps/day was too easy for me, so I raised it to 15,000 which I actually had to work a little to make sure I accomplished. My average daily step count? 19,000.

#2 - I lost 6 pounds. In one week.

#3 - My resting heart rate went down by 8 bpm. My Fitbit Charge HR has a heart rate monitor. I don't use it much, but the Fitbit app has this neat feature where it keeps track of my HR during workouts and my resting heart rate. I thought it was interesting that my resting heart rate went steadily down. So I researched it and found that sedentary people have a much higher heart rate than athletes, and it's one of the signs that your heart is working harder than it should. I had no idea. And now that I can measure that resting heart rate, I can really truly see the results of my workout in terms of overall heart health.

I'm sticking with this Fitbit so far, and really having fun meeting new people who use Fitbit on Instagram. I think the social atmosphere and competitive aspect of this device is going to keep me focused on making small changes and seeing the results over time. I'm excited about it and the fact that God has led me to this new way to overcome my addiction to food and the sedentary lifestyle. 

So what is working for you? How is your fitness journey going?

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