Raising Awareness for the Persecuted Church

In order to spread awareness of the persecuted church, Voice of the Martyrs has the kindle editions of their bestselling books on sale: SpiritFilledKindle's VOM Markdowns Page.

 But for those of you that don't have a Kindle, here's your opportunity: I bought these paperbacks from VOM last year, but hadn't read them yet. They are still shrink wrapped and completely brand new! Since the Kindle versions are on sale for $1 each, I bought them for my Kindle. So now I'm reducing my personal library by GIVING THESE THREE BOOKS AWAY!

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  1. I've hesitated to comment... I have conflicting views on this. One, I think it is important to know this stuff. Two, I have a Cuban pastor friend, who told our church that organizations like the Voice of the Martyrs often times makes it worse for them...

    So I'm left in a ponderous state of mind...

    1. Hi Jennette! Glad to see you here!

      I can understand you're conundrum, I hate to think that people are hurting more because of someone trying to help. It kind of makes me think of when Moses came to deliver the Israelites from Pharaoh, the Egyptians piled more work on the slaves. So the slaves decided that Moses was really no help at all.

      It is something to think about for sure!