A Banner Weekend

So for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook in some fashion, you may have not heard about the incredible weeked I just had!

Friday - I had a publisher review my query and ask for the full manuscript! CATALYST (scifi) is being considered with a traditional publisher...cool!

Saturday afternoon, here in Virginia, we experienced the RARE phenomenon called 'thundersnow'.  This is where a very cold front hits a warm area fast and causes there to be snow, wind, thunder and lightning!  It was awesome.  I'd never heard of it before reading Sheila Hollinghead's Thundersnow - a very enjoyable historical YA book.

Saturday evening - I found out that I WON Christian Creative Writer's Short Story Contest with 'Teacher's Log' - see the very awesome widget on the sidebar - yeah, I won that. :)

Sunday morning - The awesome Lyndon Perry of Fear & Trembling Magazine published my short story "Sanctuary" (zombies, rabid dogs, and suspense).  I knew it was coming, but it still made it no less cool.

So now what? Unfortunately, I sat around like a contented fat cat on my laurels all weekend.  I guess I deserved a break, as I've written a novel, revised it 3 more times, sent out queries, wrote about 5 short stories and submitted them, written book reviews and devotionals for various website, and studied marketing books like a mad woman all in the last 4 months.  But at the end of my lazy weekend, how did I feel?  Did I feel better? NO, I felt awful and guilty.  I wrote a devotional about it...and submitted it (I'll let you know if/when it's published).

Now it's back to work I go.  I'm giving Catalyst a break while the publisher is looking at it and starting work on my PRE-NaNo work - a novel version of the short story 'Sanctuary'.  Funny how these novels only vaguely resemble the original short story.  Catalyst was inspired by the short story 'Teacher's Log' also posted above.  If you feel like reading anything mentioned, I put links there for your convenience.  Back to work, or how will I become the woman in my mantra?

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